Tel-Conn Manufacturing specializes in producing custom multi-fiber cable assemblies using distribution (unitized), breakout, and micro-distribution cables for inside the central office or data center.


Distribution Cables – these cables typically have 900um tight buffering on the individual fibers. For cables larger than 12 fibers, the cable is organized into units of 12 fibers each. Customers sometime opt to upjacket the 900um buffering with 2.0mm tubing.


Breakout Cables – these cables typically have a 2.0mm jacket on each fiber. They are slightly larger in diameter than the distribution cables due to the added protection for each fiber.


Micro-Distribution Cables – these cables typically have 12 bare fibers (without jacketing or buffering) inside a common jacket. Cables with more than 12 fibers will have sub-units of 12 fibers each. The bare fibers will need to be upjacketed to at least 900um tubing in order for connectors to be applied.


12 fiber sm assembly