Multi-Fiber Connectors (MPO/MTP)

Most connectors (LC, SC, FC) have one fiber through them. The MTP/MPO connector has been designed as a “multi-fiber” connector (typically 12 fibers). The MPO connector and subsequent standard were developed in the late 1980’s by the NTT-AT corporation. The MTP by US Conec corporation soon came after that with some additional features like a removable housing, elliptically shaped alignment pins, and the ability to change the connector’s gender. Current MPO connectors now offer these features. The main thing to remember is that the MTP connector adheres to the MPO standard. Therefore, MTP and MPO connectors are interchangeable.

Multimode MPO/MTP connectors have a flat polish and will generally be available in two performance standards – regular and high performing. High performing connectors have tighter tolerances and will usually have better insertion loss performance.

Single Mode MPO/MTP connectors are always made with an angled polish. These connectors are also available in two performance standards – regular and high performing. High performing single mode connectors have tighter tolerances and will usually have better insertion loss performance.

Both multimode and single mode MPO/MTP connectors can be offered with alignment pins (MALE) or no pins (FEMALE). In order to mate two MPO/MTP connectors together through an adapter, one connector must have male pins and the other must be without pins.

The most common wiring scheme for a MPO/MTP patchcord is a straight through arrangement where fiber #1 from one connector is connector to fiber #1 on the other connector, fiber #2 to fiber #2, and so on. This wiring arrangement will produce a patchcord where one connector has its mating key UP and the opposite connector will have its mating key DOWN. This common arrangement is referred to as a “straight – key up, key down” MPO/MTP patchcord. Other wiring arrangements can be offered like “reversed”, “pairs flipped”, or any other per the desires of the customer.

MPO Connector1

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